Augmented Reality for Businesses – We Take a Closer Look


The advent of Fourth Industrial Revolution shows that what is coined as ‘Industry 4.0’, can no longer be ignored.

No matter the vertical, industries always strive to adapt to new technologies. One which ultimately will improve efficiency, decrease operational costs: all whilst improving safety, sustainability and increasing ROI.

The same way in which mobile phones changed our lives so much, it’s likely that Augmented Reality will drastically change the way we work.

Technological advancements often revolutionize our lives, as well as our business processes. For instance; computers, mobile phones, domestic appliances and many more have all had major impacts. They have allowed us to live easier and more efficient lives. Digital technologies, especially Augmented Reality, is the next step in this chain.

There are several uses for augmented reality that is being used now;
Retail – retailers enhance the customer experience by introducing AR into their processes, now you can try on a new Nike shoe, all without actually wearing it.

Design – industries linked to design and architecture greatly benefit from adopting AR, as they can display 3D models in AR: permitting them to deliver better sales and marketing materials.

Industrial Applications – this aspect has the potential to change the way certain jobs are performed. Technicians in the field have the potential to receive instructions and help from an expert - all done completely remotely.

Training – this is traditionally an area in which companies pay high-costs, with AR they have the opportunity to deliver a highly personalized training at greatly reduced costs. This is because training via AR has the potential to completely replace the requirement of the presence of a supervisor.

We got in touch with an Augmented Reality company holo|one to find out more. It’s a company which primarily focuses on the enterprise market.

The aforementioned application of AR technologies are all covered under a solution package called ‘sphere’ - it includes the areas of Remote Support, Augmented Collaboration and Workflow Support. Their approach is to provide a functional, ready-to-use Augmented Reality solution. One which does not rely on heavy and expensive customization. In a way, one size fits all. The way their solution works is that it is divided into three parts, all of them are known as modules.

The first module they use is called ‘expert’ This is designed to fit any industry that is in need of quick maintenance and/or repairs. Whenever an employee needs help, a connection from their Augmented Reality glasses (such as the Microsoft HoloLens) to an expert in a specific area, via a computer can easily be established. This module offers opportunities far beyond a simple video call: The audio-visual stream can be bi-directionally manipulated, with both participants being able to use a multitude of tools, such as three-dimensional drawings or creating documents, pictures, videos, or even 3D models.

The second module ‘workspace’ allows the users to enter a new age of AR-supported collaboration. Enhance meetings with automatically converted CAD models, displayed in Augmented Reality, and explaining thoughts by freely placing files such as videos and documents anywhere in the room. Remote participants are represented by a life-like avatar for a real interactive experience. This module has a very useful technique which is a 1:1 overlay, that permits users to display models, projects, buildings, cars in their actual size, whether they exist or are yet to be constructed.

The third module ‘task’ is designed to be used if any corporation is relying on routine tasks and processes. Creation of AR checklists, guidelines, manuals or other documents is possible in order to assist workers and collect data such as time per step and error rates to help find bottlenecks. This module is very beneficial for industries that use heavy machinery as it can be used in maintenance, repair or diagnostics; as well as visualization of live sensor data.

There are many others in the AR space, some of them are particularly personalised, some with a mobile-centric offering etc. The space is still young and highly innovative.

Regardless of the current uses, AR technology is very powerful and very promising and has countless applications for businesses. Only time and imagination can show just some of what the future of this exciting industry holds in store.
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