Lenovo Z6 Pro May End Up Being Able to Produce 100-Megapixel Images, VP Reportedly Tips

Lenovo Z6 Pro

Photo Credit: Weibo/ Chang Cheng

Lenovo Z6 Pro's camera might be fit for producing 100-megapixel images, VP Chang Cheng has purportedly teased. Cheng has posted about the Z6 Pro using a Chinese hashtag which means a billion pixels, which consequently figures to 1000-megapixels. Obviously, we've seen Chinese organizations compose numbers rather in an unexpected way, and a popular Chinese tech production claims it in actuality implies 100 million pixels. This comes a long time after Qualcomm reported that its processors previously accompany support for images with more than 100-megapixel resolution. Such a component is conceivable if the phone can combine different shots of a single edge and make one vast photograph. 

Cheng's post on Weibo was spotted first by IT Home. While teasing the Lenovo Z6 Pro's Hyper Video include, he utilizes a hashtag that means "billion dimension pixels" in the post. IT Home claims the hashtag means 100 million pixels or 100-megapixels. This paves the way to the hypothesis that the phone may deliver expansive images, obviously, this isn't the first time the company has talked about moving "past 100-megapixel" for the Z6 Pro, and we'll need to wait and see this means. 

However, with Cheng's inclination to make misrepresented claims, this could simply be another misleading inscription from Cheng, and no such component will be integrated into the Z6 Pro. Cheng has likewise posted another video teasing at the phone's hyper video and super full-scale capacities. The video is posted on his Weibo account. 

Little is thought about the Z6 Pro, with regards to specifications. The Z6 Pro is relied upon to accompany 5G support however it is estimated that a non-5G variant of the Z6 Pro before long. Lenovo hasn't referenced any details concerning the processor powering the smartphone. It could no doubt be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC, similar to the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT that was launched in December a year ago and have up to 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. 

The Lenovo Z6 Pro is set to be made available in June. A declaration was normal today, however at the present time, it would seem that Cheng's teaser is all we're getting.

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