Russian Internet Giant Yandex Unveils Its Very First Smartphone

Russian Internet monster Yandex on Wednesday launched its first ever smartphone, ending a little while of tension for tech fans over the profoundly foreseen launch.

The company behind the most widely utilized internet searcher in Russia and the ex-Soviet area has as of late broadened to protect its market share against Google, creating popular phone applications to order taxis and takeaway food.

The new smartphone called Yandex. Phone, will go on sale on Thursday in Russia and furthermore online. It will cost RUB 17,990 ($269 or generally Rs. 19,000) and will work with the Android system.

While the structure was made by Yandex, the phone is made in China.

Yandex's different applications for installment, music, maps, taxi, and food are pre-installed on the phone, which will likewise utilize a smart speaker called Alice (Alisa in Russian), which is similar to Amazon's Alexa.

"We constructed Yandex. Phone to offer Russian clients a smartphone that is furnished with all the confined apparatuses that assist clients better explore their daily routines," Yandex official Fyodor Yezhov was cited as saying in a public statement.

"Within the smartphone, the Yandex applications are exhibited in the form of an ecosystem with Alice at its middle. It's not important to open individual applications to understand an assignment - simply ask Alice."

The phone flags a noteworthy new stage in Yandex's improvement and is intended to match mammoths like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.

Yandex began in the 1990s as a web search tool similar to Google, however, has since ventured into each edge of the Russian Internet with applications that Russians utilize each day.

The smartphone's launch comes after the company a month ago disappointed tech fans by summoning writers to what ended up being an introduction not of the smartphone but rather of its smart speaker.

The Yandex smartphone isn't the first to be created by a Russian company.

In 2013 the YotaPhone, planned in Russia yet in addition made in China, was launched with the gimmick of having screens on the two sides. Anyway, it failed to set the market land.

This time the company behind the smartphone has significantly more clout. It is recorded on the New York Stock Exchange and is famous for its imaginative flair.
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