LG Patent Hints at a Smartphone Along With 16 Back Camera Sensors

Photo Credit: USPTO

LG's patent has been affirmed by the USPTO, it demonstrates a phone with 16 cameras organized in a lattice format, it will supposedly accompany refined face unlock tech.

The worldwide smartphone advertise seems, by all accounts, to be the battleground for another war, with manufacturers competing on the number of camera sensors they can put on a smartphone. Samsung as of late took it to the following dimension with four camera sensors at the back of the Galaxy A9 (2018). In any case, LG might design take things to another dimension inside and out with four as well as 16 rear camera focal points. The South Korean producer has officially gotten a patent in the US that maintains whatever authority is needed to put an aggregate of 16 camera focal points at the back of the smartphone, in a network-style format.

In a patent gotten by LG in the US from the USPTO, first revealed by Dutch blog LetsGo Digital, the company has detailed a plan to fit in a 16-camera setup. Put in a grid course of action, these different sensors will enable the client to take a single photograph from numerous points of view. The distinctive edges would then be able to be utilized to pick your preferred shot.

Furthermore, the patent proposes that this camera setup will take into consideration a refined face recognition technology. This element will enable clients to supplant headshots with other individuals from photographs clicked heretofore. While not indicated, it will interest perceive how this works out as a general rule.

A mirror will probably additionally be put just underneath the 16 rear camera sensors to enable clients to take selfies with similar cameras, instead of using the perhaps underpowered selfie camera. The patent likewise indicates that this structure could be connected to a non-conventional smartphone configuration like a foldable phone or a phone with some other kind of form factor.

While not a smartphone, the Light Camera was really the principal gadget to sport an aggregate of 16 camera sensors. Be that as it may, achieving this on a smartphone is a no little accomplishment given the measure of internals the handset will have separated from simply the camera instrument.
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