Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Products Said to Be Leaking Light Off of the Display Edges

Photo Credit To: Android Central/ fishmd

Samsung had launched its most recent flagship - Galaxy Note 9 - prior in August, with a not immaterial sticker price. While a few people are pondering purchasing the handset, some who as of now have their hands on it has recognized a noteworthy issue with their units. A few clients who have gone through a couple of days with the smartphone are detailing a strange issue that might influence you to think before purchasing the handset. They claim that light from the display board of the Galaxy Note 9 is noticeably leaking by means of the holes in the case. A few clients say that the issue is barely noticeable. In any case, it is important that not all clients are facing this issue. Just a portion of the Galaxy Note 9 units appears to have the issue.

The Galaxy Note 9 packs a Quad HD+ (1440x2960 pixels) Super AMOLED Infinity Display with an 18.5:9 angle ratio and a pixel thickness of 516 pixels for every inch. At 6.4 inches, it's the greatest display we've found in a Galaxy Note series smartphone to date. Nonetheless, a few clients by means of Android Central gathering posts, claim that the light from the Galaxy Note 9 display leaks through the hole between the aluminum outline and the glass. A portion of the images partook in the posts grandstand the issue in more detail.

Be that as it may, the Galaxy Note 9 'light leak' issue may not be as grave as it appears. A couple of Galaxy Note 9 clients likewise claimed the light leak could be a dream that shows up as a result of the light reflections by means of the curved display. Clearly, a few Galaxy Note 9 units don't appear to experience the ill effects of the issue on account of the manner in which they are painted amid assembling.

To give the notorious adjusted shape, Samsung paints the edge of the glass board. Be that as it may, the measure of paint connected changes with every unit, which may prompt a slight appearance in a few handsets. Be that as it may, these are simply reports and gossipy tidbits and ought to be taken with a spot of salt. In the meantime, Samsung is yet to react to the issue.
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