Qualcomm claims Its Modem Chips Will Not Be Utilized at 2018 iPhone Designs

As a part of its earnings call for its third quarter of the financial year 2018, chipmaker Qualcomm on Wednesday declared it would no more be creating modems for new iPhone versions, but will keep doing so for Apple's heritage iPhone versions like the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and much more. This growth comes weeks after a report had proposed which Apple would ditch Qualcomm fully and appear towards Intel to get baseband processors to be inserted in the organization's 2018 lineup of iPhone versions. This growth comes in the aftermath of a legal tussle between Apple and Qualcomm that's anticipated to lead to fines of over a billion bucks.

A report from CNBC noted Qualcomm's statement on a severed venture with Apple. "We think Apple plans to completely utilize our opponents' modems instead of our modems on its second iPhone release. We'll continue to supply modems to get Apple legacy devices," stated a Qualcomm's fund head George Davis through the earnings forecast. By competition, the provider means Intel that is your only additional modem provider for Apple's iPhone lineup. Intel processors were initially introduced using all the iPhone 7, but Apple was using a blend of Qualcomm and Intel processors in its smartphones until this season.

Before this week, a new research from Ookla, the firm behind the Speedtest program and site, showed the recent iPhone lineup paths in downloading speeds in contrast to the hottest smartphones from Samsung and Google. From the evaluation, Ookla noticed that the Samsung Galaxy S9+ captured rates up to 38.4Mbps whereas the iPhone X handled about 29.7Mbps.

The processor maker, in its own advertising, in comparison its processor into the Intel XMM7480, the LTE chip employed in some iPhone X versions, also maintained that Qualcomm's processors profit concerning latency, download rates, and upload rates.

In its third-quarter results in 2018, Qualcomm reported that a 4.2 percent increase in annual earnings, using its Snapdragon cellular chipset show in large demand from international manufacturers such as Samsung and Xiaomi.
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