IPhone Lost at Sea Discovered by Scuba Diver As It Received a Text Message

Photo Credit: CerysHearsey/ BNPS

A text message in an iPhone helped it fulfill its owner when it was dropped into the seabed for fourteen days. A scuba diver in Dorset discovered the iPhone in the bottom of the sea as it lit upon getting the message. She detected the light of this iPhone display on the seabed. The handset was allegedly in a watertight case and had 84% of charge. It had been dropped by a kayaker near the shore in Dorset. Last month, a YouTuber'd discovered an iPhone X in the base of a river, with no watertight case, which was stated to be underwater for two weeks.

She took it back to the coast and scrolled via the connections to locate its owner.

The adrift iPhone was returned to Rob Smith, whose cousin had dropped it while the group had been kayaking at Durdle Door in Dorset. It's noted that both kayakers were coming to the renowned coastal landmark once the handset topped over the border of the ship and finally reached the base of the sea. Hearsey notably discovered it two times of this episode and organized to meet with Smith.

"I just had an hour before I needed to come back home, but fortunately she could pick this up."

Smith was happy to obtain the missing iPhone in the scuba diver. "Cerys [Hearsey] was a wonderful woman, and we had been over the moon" He stated, adding,"My cousin had many images of his visit to the UK stored on his telephone he believed he would not have the ability to see again... He was angry at first and believed he would need to pay an additional $900 (approximately Rs. 61,700) to get a brand new cell phone."

While the iPhone which was discovered by Hearsey was at a watertight case, YouTuber Dallas, that conducts a station Man + River, last month reported that he had discovered a functioning iPhone X at a river which was with no watertight case. The YouTuber maintained the handset has been submerged in the lake for more than two weeks until he discovered it on his latest dip. Notably, the iPhone X in addition to another recent iPhone version takes an IP67 rating which makes them capable of resisting immersion in up to a meter of water for thirty minutes. This is much lower than the thickness of a river or a sea.
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