Gmail Users Warned of Security Threat by US DHS: Report

Gmail Users Warned of Security Gmail consumers are alerted about a brand new Google Mail feature that might be leveraged by online crooks to perform a wave of scams, media reported.

The organization, in April, introduced its own brand-new layout which introduced a fresh brand new user interface along with a swathe of new features such as the capability to blink a message, auto-generate smart answers and self-destruct emails from the new"Confidential Mode".

"It is the Confidential Mode that is in the middle of safety concerns," reported on Saturday.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) allegedly issued an alert to the"possible emerging threat... for nefarious action" with all the Gmail redesign,'' the report stated.

Central to those anxieties was the newest"Confidential Mail" attribute that could require users to click on a link so as to get these messages.

If you are a Gmail user employing the official Google Mail site then the"Confidential Mail" appears if you click on to start it. It reveals that a date for when the content will perish and informs the consumers that the email cannot be downloaded or plotted.

But its different if you are a Gmail user seeing the message because of a third party customer or a non-Gmail user that receives a discreet email.

In those situations, rather than the message appearing within their browser, users need to click on a button to see the email. And that is where the safety fears lie.

Together with the Gmail redesign, crawlers could send out bogus variants of confidential email alarms and deceive a user into entering sensitive specifics.

"The technology giant is dedicated to protecting the safety of consumers' private information and consequently, had established"machine learning" algorithms to discover potential phishing scams which cybercriminals execute," said Google spokesman Brooks Hocog.

Phishing scams are at which cybercriminals attempt to trick victims into clicking on apparently trustworthy links so as to steal sensitive personal details.
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