Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter Join Data Transfer Project

From the early stages right now, the Data Transfer Project will help users of one service to utilize their information to register for a different service with encryption.

"Using your information from 1 service when you register for another still is not as simple as it needs to be. Now we are excited to announce that we are engaging in the Information Transfer Project," stated Steve Satterfield, Privacy and Public Policy Director in Facebook at a statement.

The initiative comes at a time when data-sharing is creating headlines -- make it that the enormous Cambridge Analytica information scandal or third party programs accessing users' information at different platforms -- amid states declaring new data-protection laws such as the European General Data Regulation Protection (GDPR).

Moving information between any 2 services can be challenging because each service is constructed differently and uses different kinds of information that may require special privacy controls and preferences.

"For instance, you may use a program in which you share photographs openly, a social network program in which you share upgrades with pals, along with a fitness program for monitoring your workouts," said Satterfield.

"These are the sorts of problems the Information Transfer Project will handle. The Project is in its first phases, and we expect more companies and organizations will get involved," he added.

It then uses service certain adapters to move that information into a frequent format, then back to the new agency's API.

Based on Google, the project enables users to"transfer information directly from 1 support to another, without having to download and re-upload it".

The technology giants also introduced a white paper with this project.

Our expectation for the project is that it is going to allow a link between both public-facing product ports for exporting and importing information straight," read the white paper.

Based on Damien Kieran, Data Protection Officer in Twitter, now, a lot of the internet products and solutions we use don't interact with one another in a coherent and intuitive manner.

"Information that's placed on a single platform cannot be readily and securely transferred into additional providers. This isn't a positive collective expertise for those men and women using our solutions and we're eager to work through a number of the challenges within a business," Twitter explained.

The Data Transfer Project was made in 2017 to make an open source, service-to-service data portability system so that all people throughout the internet might easily transfer their data between internet service providers any time they want.
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