Apple Plans to Utilize Intel's Kaby Lake Refresh Processors on Next-Gen MacBook Air Lineup: Report

Even though Apple has up to now maintained silence on updating its MacBook Air family, a brand new report shows the Cupertino firm is preferring an eighth-generation aka Intel Core chip depriving Kaby Lake Refresh for its next-generation MacBook Air. The business is allegedly waiting for Intel's Cannon Lake chips which are expected to debut late 2019 using a 10nm layout, and opting for the conventional 14nm chips rather. Notably, the present MacBook Air versions which were found in 2015 include fifth-generation, dual-core Intel Core i5, and Core i7 chips. The organization, however, was afterward discovered to have postponed the update and place to deliver the brand new experience sometime in the next half of this year.

As per a report from Economic Daily News, Apple's new MacBook Air versions include the Kaby Lake Refresh chips which were published in the second half of this past year. That is significantly higher compared to fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and Core i7 chips which are powering the recent MacBook Air versions with dual-core processing.

Kaby Lake Refresh processors have been established in August this past year, while Intel is intending to launch its quicker Whiskey Lake chips at the next half of the year to update the encounter on laptops and laptops. But, Apple is allegedly not favoring the following Intel processors for the MacBook Air versions. This may be due to keeping the costs of the new versions which are going to be less expensive than the normal MacBook household that obtained the new MacBook Pro versions lately. It's also noted that Apple isn't in strategies to await the Cannon Lake chips that are expected to arrive sometime at the end of 2019, dependent on the 10nm procedure.

It's uncertain that if we will see the newest versions. But considering the most recent report, Apple can launch the Kaby Lake Refresh-powered MacBook Air lineup sometime after this season.