Apple Offers Free Repair of iPhones, Macs, Other Products Damaged from Floods in Japan

Apple helps the flood-affected Japanese individuals by job free fix of iPhones, iPads, iPods, Mac computers, Apple Watches and also Apple's screens damaged in the torrential rains that struck the western area of the nation earlier this season.

In the event the gadgets have been diminished straight by the rain storms and fixable, human users are able to submit an application to your free service, the business stated on its service page. The affected devices may comprise Mac computers, including iPhones, Apple Watch versions, iPads, iPods, and Apple screen (excluding attachments, audio, etc.) which have been completely damaged by the heavy rains.

The Cupertino, California-headquartered technology giant intends to take requests free of charge from its products before the end of September. The deal is just for different users, not only for businesses or shops utilizing Apple devices for their companies.

The consumers must also be citizens of municipalities being encouraged by the central authorities under the Disaster Relief Act.

The torrential rain from western Japan triggered disasters such as flooding and mudslides and murdered at least 224 people, according to Kyodo News. Countless people were allegedly being evacuated in the previous week.