Xiaomi to Enter US Smartphone Marketplace This Year, or Early 2019

In the wake of tasting accomplishment in developing markets like India and Southeast Asia and venturing into western Europe, Chinese smartphone creator Xiaomi is good to go to enter the US market as right on time as this year, the Wall Street Journal announced.

"We've generally been thinking about entering the US market," Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun was cited as saying.

"We intend to begin entering the market by end 2018, or by mid-2019," he included.

Xiaomi has developed exponentially in India, which as of late surpassed the US to end up the world's second-biggest smartphone market after China.

As indicated by the International Data Corporation (IDC), Xiaomi imparted the best space to South Korea's Samsung in India, with a market offer of 23.5 percent, in the second from last quarter of 2017.

In the final quarter, Xiaomi rose a reasonable pioneer with 26.8 percent market share, with Samsung second at 24.2 percent market share.

For the whole year, nonetheless, Samsung, with 24.7 percent share, was the pioneer and Xiaomi with 20.9 percent stood second.

In any case, the Beijing-based smartphone producer is quickly getting up to speed.

Xiaomi as of now offers various items in the US, including its Android TV set-top box, Mi TV, at Walmart areas around the nation, The Verge provided details regarding Monday.

Be that as it may, its accomplishment in the US smartphone market will eventually rely upon transporters and it will likewise need to explore potential worries from US knowledge authorities, the report said.

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